rainbow ripple crochet blanket by Little Cosy Things @littlecosythings


hi, my name is Nat & i am a maker.  Not a designer, not a girl boss, not an entrepreneur… i tried, & i suck at it.  And that is ok.  There are people that are really good at it, it comes naturally to them.  i am not one of those people.  i am the one who loves to make their designs, who wants to buy their products.  Who wants to share them with other makers like me. That’s what i love to do.  And that’s what i am going to keep doing.


You see, i love to make, & i think, i’m pretty good at that.  Somewhere along the lines though, i think i forgot that i NEED to make, just for me.  Crafting is my therapy, it is my escape, & i NEED it.  i think i started to feel guilty about the time (& the money), i was spending on my hobby.  So i tried to make it back by selling my finished items. it wasn’t for me, & it started to take away my crojo (crochet mojo).

Isn’t it the dream?  Getting paid to crochet?  Oh how i wish that i could, but i can’t.  Anyone who has tried to sell their crochet, or anything handmade for that matter, will tell you how hard it is.  Crochet is time consuming to make, the weeks & months just to finish a blanket.. how do you convert that into a dollar figure?  How do you get that back?  Enough to make an income?  Its really hard.  I now its possible, i have no doubt that you can if you really try, & you feel really passionate about it.  i didn’t, & i couldn’t.  I take my hat off to all the small businesses who have been able to run a successful business from it!!

In a somewhat similar fashion, i turned my hand to designing. Nope, didn’t like it.  i don’t like frogging, & you have to do A LOT of frogging when you design something.  Ew.  i have a lot of ideas for designs, but i just cannot transform them into crochet, i tried.  I don’t like pattern writing either.. i noticed i tend to make up my own crochet language, or do things with my crochet that doesn’t translate well to a generic pattern for people to follow.  The only thing i would be interested in, was some sort of a collaboration, where i had the idea & someone came up with the pattern?  That would be fun.  Does that even exist?! But the actual designing myself, nope, no thanks.

Snuffles & Sniffles the Snake

My pattern – Snuffles & Sniffles the Snakes

So why do i feel so guilty?  Why do i keep trying to sell my makes?  Maybe because i run out of things to make too.. the twins are drowning in amigurumi toys, so i thought i could see the overflow instead?  i think i feel this pressure, if i am not selling it, it i cannot justify a business for my crochet, then i am wasting my time.. i am wasting our money.. i am taking away from the twins, i am taking away from the household, i am taking away from my husband.  i am being lazy.  i should spend my time bringing in an income… these are the thoughts that flood through my head… BUT… then i remember.. it makes me a better MUM, a better WIFE.  Making relaxes me, it gives me more patience, it gives me an outlet when i am frustrated, & tired.  So yes, i feed it my time, i feed it money.. but it gives us all something back.  It may not be money, but is pays in happiness.

Happy wife, happy life 🙂

Just to be clear, my hubby is very supportive of my making,  & even my yarn collecting hobby 😉 even though i think he doesn’t completely understand my NEED to buy more yarn when i have lots already haha.. but he doesn’t complain.

i just want to make.  i want to make & share YOUR designs instead, i want to promote your yarn, share your products.  That’s what i love!! i love supporting other makers, designers & businesses.  Whether that will somehow become some sort of business in its own right?  Maybe.  But i doubt it.  But that’s ok.  Today i am going to finally close the LCT shop, i am going to try hard to stop feeling guilty, & i am going to just make, & maybe try writing & sharing more about it on here too 🙂

Who is joining me?

Nat xx



Details on pictured makes:

Bertie Blanket:
Pattern by Little Doo Lally
Yarn – Bendigo Woollen Mills, Cotton, DK/8ply weight

Larksfoot Blanket:
Pattern by Little Cosy Things – my youtube tutorial here
Yarn – Paintbox Yarns, from LoveCrochet; Cotton, DK weight

Wool Eater Blanket:
Pattern/Tutorial by Sarah London
Yarn – Spotlight Moda Vera Stallion, Acrylic Yarn, DK weight

Featured Image – Ripple Blanket:
Pattern by Attic24
Yarn – Bendigo Woollen Mills, Cotton, DK/8ply weight

Click here for the details on my #littlecosytrolley

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