Little Floral Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

What better way to spread the crafting love, than by sharing my first ever embroidery pattern, a Little Floral Heart, for free as a special little gift 💝

This is my first pattern, & i am still very new to embroidery, so please be gentle 🤗 i really hope it is easy to follow & sparks a new love for you, for embroidery. Especially using yarn as thread.

Click here for my FREE Pattern PDF —- Little Floral Heart Pattern by Little Cosy Things

If you are a crocheter, you may be a little shocked by the way in which an embroidery pattern is written/designed.  i know i was, the first time i saw one! i think because we are used to reading pages of instructions, because when you crochet, you are weaving a fabric or creating a shape with amigurumi.

Whereas with embroidery, the fabric is already made, & you are transferring an image onto the fabric instead.  So essentially, that is what an embroidery pattern is, simply a design for you to transfer onto your fabric, for you to then stitch. It’s still very labor intensive, & my pattern is very raw, i’m sorry. But i hope to learn more about pattern designing & how to make it look more atheistically pleasing!

I have included the supplies you will need to create your own floral heart, the Lincraft 8ply cotton yarn shades i have used, & the stitches (& the image of course).  You can find MANY detailed instructions on how to do the actual stitches on YouTube (like i did), in embroidery books, Pinterest, or just by searching the stitch names in google.

I have used 4 basic stitches, & my most favourite ones i have learnt so far 😍 i especially love the roses, i have been making SO many roses! This will, hopefully, be the beginning of lots of new designs i have floating around in my head ❤️

Please share with me your embroidery as you are making it, & when you finish too! i would love to see, & to share with everyone too!  You can tag me on instagram – @littlecosythings & use the hashtag #littlefloralheart

AND please feel free to ask me any questions too! i really hope you love stitching this little floral heart, especially as today is the day of love! ❤️❤️❤️

Nat xx

Instagram – @littlecosythings

Email –

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