#100daysofcrochetstitches is a little project i have started on my instagram.  Inspired by #the100dayproject by @ellaluna - her idea being that you do something, anything, for 100 days.  So i decided i will share 100 different crochet stitches!  Not everyday (the twins wouldnt let me!) but ad hoc, hopefully every couple days.  I will also … Continue reading #100daysofcrochetstitches



hi, my name is Nat & i am a maker.  Not a designer, not a girl boss, not an entrepreneur... i tried, & i suck at it.  And that is ok.  There are people that are really good at it, it comes naturally to them.  i am not one of those people.  i am the … Continue reading maker

a little bit about embroidery with yarn

i never thought i would love a craft as much as i love crochet... i was wrong.  About 2 weeks ago i decided i would finally try to teach myself some embroidery! It was a new year craft resolution i made, probably my first & only resolution i have actually kept 😆 & seeing so … Continue reading a little bit about embroidery with yarn

Review of NEW book – Colorful Crochet by Marianne & the Ursula Shawl 💕

When Marianne (@marretjeroos) first mentioned that she was busy writing a book, i immediately got excited & made room on my shelf for what i knew would be one of the most incredible crochet books & patterns.  Marianne has been a huge inspiration to me as a crocheter, & if anyone should write a book … Continue reading Review of NEW book – Colorful Crochet by Marianne & the Ursula Shawl 💕

Hot Air Balloon – Crochet Pixel Blanket

Up Up & Away... 🎈 6 months & i've lost count how many granny squares.. but my Hot Air Balloon is finally finished!! Here is how i made it (**scroll down to the end of this post for links). All the yarn used is Stylecraft Special DK - I will put a list of the … Continue reading Hot Air Balloon – Crochet Pixel Blanket

Autumn Jewel – c2c blanket

To purchase this blanket click here 👍 It's FINISHED!!!! *insert happy dance* 💃 woooo! I started this blanket back in October, & even though i've loved every one of those squishy stitches, it was starting to feel like the never ending blanket. This blanket isn't made using a pattern, just the c2c (corner to corner) crochet … Continue reading Autumn Jewel – c2c blanket

a little (cosy) mermaid…

Time to dust off the cobwebs off my long neglected blog, starting with an introduction to this little mermaid... Well it's THE little mermaid (inspired) Ariel ❤️ As you would know if you follow me on Instagram (@littlecosythings) we welcomed our beautiful twins - Layla & Wolf, into the world in September. Because they were … Continue reading a little (cosy) mermaid…