Medusa 🐍🌈

Medusa, my favourite gorgon 🐍 the story of Medusa has always resonated with me, for various reasons. Always portrayed as a monster or villian, but her story is sad & her life ended too soon. If you can't tell, i am a massive fantasy & mythology nerd 🤓❤ When i saw Lianne's @fantasysprites Medusa Sprite … Continue reading Medusa 🐍🌈

George – the Rebel Monster!

I am a big fan of Ozlem @ring_beller designs, & so are my twins, Layla & Wolf! The love started with Ozlem's first monster - Walt, then continued with Janis & now, we have George joining the family! ♥ I was very excited when Ozlem contacted me to ask if i was interested in testing … Continue reading George – the Rebel Monster!

Pumpkin Doll 🎃

i love Halloween! Unfortunately it is not as popular, or celebrated, here in Australia. But doesn't mean we have to miss out on all the fun!! 🎃 For October, I decided to try to make as many Halloween makes as I could, especially amigurumi! And i just finished the cutest little Pumpkin Doll design, by … Continue reading Pumpkin Doll 🎃

Amigurumi Monsters 2: Janis the Music Lover

i have been making a lot of amigurumi lately, which i am very happy about! i seem to go through waves of loving it, then waves of not making any. But seeing how much the twins love them, especially Layla, i want to make them all!! Even though they both have so many, it is … Continue reading Amigurumi Monsters 2: Janis the Music Lover

Basket Bases!!

Have you ever made a crochet basket, just for it not to sit flat? Argh. The wasted yarn, & a wobbly basket - no thanks. Cait @basket_bases_australia has come up with a CLEVER & gorgeous solution to this problem - wooden basket bases!!!! These wooden plates have perfectly cut holes that allows a hook & … Continue reading Basket Bases!!

Unicorn Doughnut Buddy – Oodles of Crochet

Layla is my biggest crochet fan 💖 & a HUGE unicorn fan too, or what she calls "oh-corn" 🤭 so when Rachel @oodlesofcrochet asked if i would like to make her "Doughnut Buddy Friends - Unicorn Edition" Pattern in my signature colours, i jumped at the chance 🦄 & here we have, my Oh-Corn Doughnut! … Continue reading Unicorn Doughnut Buddy – Oodles of Crochet

Dinosaur Rex (aka Brad the Brachiosaurus): Dinosaurs, Mammoths & More Prehistoric Amigurumi

Meet Dinosaur Rex, as Layla has named him 🦕 - but better known as Brad the Braciosaurus! Designed by Maja Hansen @maja_hansen for the book, Dinosaurs, Mammoths & More Prehistoric Amigurumi from Meteoor Books, aka Amigurumi Patterns (@amigurumipatterns) i made Dinosaur Rex using Paintbox Cotton Yarns, in a new green shade that i love & … Continue reading Dinosaur Rex (aka Brad the Brachiosaurus): Dinosaurs, Mammoths & More Prehistoric Amigurumi