Hot Air Balloon – Crochet Pixel Blanket

Up Up & Away… 🎈

6 months & i’ve lost count how many granny squares.. but my Hot Air Balloon is finally finished!!

Here is how i made it (**scroll down to the end of this post for links).

All the yarn used is Stylecraft Special DK – I will put a list of the colours i used at the bottom of this post πŸ˜‰. My first time using Stylecraft & i LOVED working with it. It’s very soft, & is lovely to work with. It’s acrylic yarn, & creates a nice shape to the granny square, a bit more of a solid structure perfect for this style. There are many yarn stores who stock Stylecraft, i purchased mine from Love Crochet.

Pattern is a cross stitch chart by Fuzzy Fox Designs. i love Fuzzy Fox Designs for crochet as they convert so easily. Rachel uses very little backstitching on her charts (the stitched black lines) & uses full squares. Not only that, but her patterns are so gorgeous, you’ll want to make them all!

Photo: Fuzzy Fox Designs – Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Cross Stitch Chart

When converting a cross stitch pattern to a crochet pattern, each square of the cross stitch chart is converted into a granny square, then joined together to form the picture. One square on the chart = one granny square.

I used the traditional granny square for my balloon. i joined the squares together using the JAYG (join as you go) method. So as i finished a square i attached it to the blanket. This does make it feel less overwhelming when you’re finished, creates less ends to sew in, & you can see your progress as you go 😊

This was my first time doing the JAYG method, & now i couldn’t use any other way. The tutorial i used is by Attic 24, you can find it here.
But you can easily sew them together later too if you prefer using a tapestry needle.

TIP – Sew in those ends as you go!! Unfortunately there will be a lot of ends, even with the JAYG, & i made the mistake of not doing it after each row.. it made for days of just sewing in ends. Ugh. Highly do not recommend this πŸ˜£πŸ˜‚

And that’s it! One very colourful Hot Air Balloon 🎈 now to plan my next pixel blanket.. think i will pick something a tad smaller this time.

**Scroll down for yarn colours & links to where i purchased my supplies.

Love Nat 😘 xx

Layla & Wolf love the Hot Air Balloon, its the perfect size for them.

Even Sweep approves πŸ‘

**Further info:

Pattern – Rachel at Fuzzy Fox Designs

Instagram @fuzzyfoxdesigns

Etsy Shop –

Yarn – Stylecraft Special DK

Instagram @stylecraftyarns


  • Citron (1263)
  • Fiesta (1257)
  • Matador (1010)
  • Mocha (1064)
  • Jaffa (1256)
  • Kelly Green (1826)
  • Lobella (1825)
  • Turquoise (1068)
  • Grey (1099)

Yarn purchased from Love Crochet (@lovecrochetcom) –


Autumn Jewel – c2c blanket

To purchase this blanket click here πŸ‘

It’s FINISHED!!!! *insert happy dance* πŸ’ƒ woooo! I started this blanket back in October, & even though i’ve loved every one of those squishy stitches, it was starting to feel like the never ending blanket.

This blanket isn’t made using a pattern, just the c2c (corner to corner) crochet stitch. It ended up being 132cm (51″) square. Perfect lap or throw size blanket!

The yarn is from Bendigo Woollen Mills, in their Bloom range, & the colour i used is Rust. I used approx 6 x 200g balls. So that’s 1.2kg of yarn. It’s 100% pure Australian wool, & its lovely to work with.

i love the colours & how they subtly blend into each other, no harsh sudden changes. It just beautifully transitions from one colour to the next.

i chose the name “Autumn Jewel” because of these gorgeous colours. Perfect, as it’s Autumn here in Australia! πŸ‚ 

Just a simple sc (single crochet) border all around twice. I was going to do a more detailed border, but it became too messy & confusing with the already busy colours & texture.

The sc border just gives it a nice finish & frame 😊

Linen floor cushion from The Dusty Poppy

And my two beautiful babies, Layla & Wolf spent many hours snuggled under each side of the blanket while i worked! It’s baby & snuggle approved πŸ‘Œβ€

And that’s it! I had a lot of fun making this blanket, i hope you love it as much as i do!

Love Nat xx


Autumn Jewel is available to purchase in the LCT Shop.

An African Flower Crochet Blanket… Part ONE

New project!! Whilst waiting to place a new yarn order to finish the Basket Weave Stitchblanket, I sorted through my yarn stash to start something new!

A while ago, I made a few African Flower animals by Heidi Bears which are so much fun to make!  I even entered the dragon into the Royal Melbourne Show crochet competition and came 2nd place!! πŸ™‚ very proud moment!!

So ever since I made these animals, I have been wanting to make an african flower blanket. I have seen such wonderful inspiration on Pinterest (My Pinterest ) of blankets made with African flowers, and decided its time I give it a go.

For my blanket I have used 8ply cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills in 7 colours:

  • Daffodil (yellow)
  • Sky (blue)
  • Blush (pink)
  • Wild Lavender (purple)
  • Peach (orange)
  • Honeydew (green)
  • Snow (white)

I used the Daffordil (yellow) for all the flower centres and the Snow (white) for the joining and the last round of the flowers.  That leaves 5 different coloured flowers. For example –  5 x pink petal flowers, 5 x blue petal flowers etc, with each pink petal flower having one of the other colours as the border.  That makes 30 flowers in total (i had 2 flowers left over as spares).

Little Cosy Things - African Flower Crochet - Thirteen

To make the flowers, I used the same tutorial from Heidi Bears.  All flowers are hexagons, so they have 6 petals. and 6 sides.  They are quick and quite simple to make!! And you can make the flowers all in one colour too, if you would like.  Link is here – Heidi Bears Hexagon Tutorial

So once I have made all the flowers, I lay them out on my table.  I am quite a bit OCD when it comes to layout, and didnt want any of the same colour flowers to be touching.  Made me think of little kids who don’t like their food to touch haha i am the same with my crochet.

Little Cosy Things - African Flower Crochet - One

When making these flowers, I try to crochet over the ends as much as I can as I go, so I do not end up with a million ends to sew.  Ends are just horrible! My least favorite part.  I left the ends for the last round, the white, as I will sew them in as I join the flowers together.

Now with the joining.  You can use the JAYG (join as you go) method to join these together.  If you decide to use the JAYG method, stop crocheting the flowers before the last white round, as this is the round you will do as you join.

Instead I decided to sew the flowers together using my tapestry needle.  This is how I joined them:

Little Cosy Things - African Flower Crochet - Eight

First I worked in rows, by just attaching one side of each flower together for the first row.  Take one flower and align the 2 sides together.  One side is 7 stitches.  Start by inserting your needle into the chain 1 stitch of the first side, and sewing across the side until you reach the next chain 1 (7 stitches).  Make sure you sew into the chain 1.

Then start with the next flower for that row, it will look like this:

Little Cosy Things - African Flower Crochet - Seven

Continue till you get to the end of the first row.  Then do the same for the next row.  Sew 2 sides of 2 flowers together, until you reach the end.  Now you can sew together the first two rows.  Using the same method, starting at the chain 1 at the end of the row, and working all the way across until you reach the chain 1 at the end of the row.

Little Cosy Things - African Flower Crochet - Three

Once you have the first 2 rows sewn together, you can then join the 2 sides of each flower on the 3rd row (like you did for the first) then sew that row onto the 2 rows already sewn together.  And so on, until you have finished sewing all the flowers together!  Sew over the ends from the last round as you go, that way you will just need to snip the tails off when you are done!

Little Cosy Things - African Flower Crochet - Six Little Cosy Things - African Flower Crochet - Nine Little Cosy Things - African Flower Crochet - Ten

And there you go!! All your flowers have now been joined together!! Now of course you can do as many flowers as you want, you can make the blanket as wide or as long or as BIG as you want as well.

To finish, you could do a single crochet or a double crochet border all the way around, or simply leave it as it is.  I think the shape is quite different and unique, and would look pretty just as it is.

However, I am going to add a little bit more detail and pattern to this blanket, as I would like it to be BIGGER!! Join me soon, for Part TWO!! πŸ™‚

I hope you found this useful, and you love making African Flowers!! See you for Part Two soon, love Nat xxx

Little Cosy Things - African Flower Crochet - Eleven

Work in progress.. the Basket Weave crochet stitch

I wanted to try something different and do some mindless crochet. My first love has always been crocheting blankets. I haven’t done one in a while, so I searched around for a new stitch, and feel in love with the Basket Weave Stitch!

It’s quite an easy stitch to learn, and once you have the hang of it, it works up quick and you don’t need to pay much attention to what you are doing. Perfect for something to do when you just want to unwind.

The stitch also makes your yarn extra thick, soft and squishy. With no gaps in between it makes a very warm blanket. Would even work as a rug or mat.

I have used 10 ply wool yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills in the Luxury range, and I started with just plain cream. I have been using a 5mm hook. You could go down a hook size to create a tighter weave too, especially for a rug.

I then began adding some splashes of colour, I love colour and thought the plain cream would get boring after a while. Although a plain cream baby blanket with a colour border would be gorgeous!! 

The next colours I have added are Aquarium (green/aqua) and Lavender (purple). i wasn’t sure about doing a colour change with this stitch, as it’s normally worked in just one colour, but I’m loving the different pattern it creates.

I then did a few more rows of Cream, then added a row of Sunflower (yellow). And am now continuing with Cream again.

I’ve now run of yarn for the blanket!! 😦 but now I got an excuse to place another order πŸ˜‰ 

I don’t have a plan for this blanket, and am just changing colour when I feel it needs it. I’ll do an update once I’ve done some more!

One complete row of basket weave is actually 3 rows of stitches. Then you alternate to create the weave look.

To do basket weave, you need to crochet into the Front Posts and Back Posts not the stitches. It actually makes it a lot quicker to work up this way as you’re not fiddling around looking for the stitches.

I started by chaining in multiples of 8, plus 3 for turning. Basket weave is done using all DC stitches (US terms).

You work dc stitches into the front posts for 4 stitches, then the back posts for 4 stitches, then back in the front posts etc, this creates the weaved look. You will follow this pattern for 3 rows, then you alternate by starting with back posts, then front posts for 3 more rows, and you continue alternating every 3 rows over and over again. 


working in front posts


working in back posts

There is a fantastic video tutorial on how to do the Basket Weave Stitch available here by The Crochet Crowd.

Love Nat xx