a little (cosy) mermaid…

Time to dust off the cobwebs off my long neglected blog, starting with an introduction to this little mermaid…

Well it’s THE little mermaid (inspired) Ariel ❤️

As you would know if you follow me on Instagram (@littlecosythings) we welcomed our beautiful twins – Layla & Wolf, into the world in September. Because they were born so tiny they needed to spend some time in the Special Care Nursery.

During their stay they were looked after by the most beautiful ladies i have ever met. And one of these amazing midwives asked me to make Ariel! Such a pleasure to be able to give something (albeit small in comparison) back to Clare who took such great care of my bubbas!

Apart from being a wonderful midwife, Clare is also Melbourne’s most talented photographer, especially baby photography (of course!). Her photos are just breath takinly gorgeous. I urge you to please go have a look at her profile & her website, even if you don’t live in Melbourne. i cannot wait to book in a session for Layla & Wolf!

So here we have her, my first mermaid, THE little mermaid – Ariel.

Now ideas of more mermaids dance in my head. As they always do. But atlas i have 2 litt munchkins keeping me away from my hook. For which i’m very grateful. So no mermaids will be available to purchase until sometime in 2017.

However, if you can’t wait, & you would love your own little mermaid, i can wholeheartedly recommend my friend Willow from Big T & Little L who makes gorgeous mermaids also. Willow is magical with her hook, & you won’t be disappointed!

Pattern is by Kelly from The Merino Mermaid, a wonderful pattern! Well written & very easy to follow. Only adjustment i made was adding a little “bra” to her outfit (details at the end).

Ariel is made using  yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills & a 3mm hook:

  • Hair – Luxury Wool, 10ply in Sunrise
  • Body – Cotton yarn, 8 ply in Parchment
  • Bra – Cotton yarn, 8ply in Wild Lavender
  • Tail – Cotton yarn, 8ply in Light Teal

Love Nat xxx


The Super HEROes are coming… #LCTsuperheroes!!

I’ve been busy making SUPERHEROES!! And getting ready to launch a new collection in my shop! Hopefully they will be ready to order this weekend, so excited!!

It all started with Batman… one of my favorite superheroes. And a wonderful free pattern by Twisted Fibers.

I have used cotton yarn from my favorite yarn mill too – Bendigo Woollen Mills.



I then altered the pattern, to make Superman! With his little curl and all 🙂



And they fast became SUPER friends!! So I was hooked, and decided to keep making more.

Next up, came the INCREDIBLE Hulk…

He’s a bit of a show off with those muscles!!

And my latest installment to the LCT SUPER HERO crew is… nanananana BATGIRL!! Because after all, girls can be super heroes too!! 😉

Batman and Batgirl feel in love 🙂 sneaking kisses in between photos. I love my super heroes. 

I cannot wait to launch them in my store, plus some more super friends next weekend!! I’m also planning on making some unique super heroes too.. you will have to stay tuned!!

Love Nat xxx

Little Cosy Things – Toy Shop
I also couldn’t resist making videos on my little friends for Instagram, just for fun 🙂 I hope they make you laugh:


Hulk.. SMASH!!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s 

Lupo the Lamb & Kira the Kangaroo… my new love affair with Lalylala Crochet Dolls

Kira the Kangaroo & Lupo the Lamb by Little Cosy Things

Kira the Kangaroo & Lupo the Lamb by Little Cosy Things

I have fallen in love… they are called Laylala Dolls, from Lalylala Land.. and they are adorable!! Patterns designed and created by the amazingly talented Lydia Tresselt from Lalylala (find her etsy store here).

I started by making Kira the Kangaroo, my first doll, and instantly i fell in love.  The pattern is well written, clear, and has wonderful photos.  Kira has a little pouch on her belly, just like a real mummy kangaroo, and the pattern comes with details on how to make her baby.  But anything can be put in Kira’s pouch, from other toys, to stickers, love notes, or even teeth for the tooth fairy!! And she has a wonderfully soft scarf too!


Kira in progress…


TA DA!! Kira is finished!

After i made Kira the Kangaroo, I had the Lalylala bug!! And i was itching to make more, and feeling a little more confident, i dove straight in and purchased the pattern to make the VERY cute – Lupo the Lamb!!

Lupo is made with bobble stitches to create a fleecy coat, and cap, just like a real lamb.  His ears are just gorgeous too!  Lupo was truly a labor of love.. he is a bit tedious to make, those bobbles.. they take a while, and you have to work in the OPPOSITE direction to what you normally do when doing amigurumi patterns and crochet so that those bobbles pop out.  BUT oh is it worth it.  He is just the most gorgeous, delicate and devine little lamb.  And his little lamb cap, is removable!

I just adore this little lamb, and I am planning on making many more.. they will be available to purchase as I make them in my Etsy shop (Little Cosy Things) as i make them.  Follow me on Instagram (@littlecosythings) to see when new Lupo’s will be available to purchase!

Lupo in progress...

Lupo in progress…

TA DA! Lupo is done!

TA DA! Lupo is done!

By the way, i have used cotton yarn in 8ply from my favorite yarn suppliers – Bendigo Woollen Mills and have used a 3mm hook to make both Kira & Lupo!  I tried using wool yarn, but i much prefer working with cotton.  It does create a more delicate doll for gentle play, but i love the texture and shape that cotton provides 🙂

Now on the hook… a blue Lupo lamb!!! But sheep aren’t blue? No? Well where do you think blue wool comes from? 😉 hehe the very rare, and elusive, blue sheep!  This one is being made as a special custom order for a little boy.. and because i cannot stop making these gorgeous lambs!

The rare Lupo Blue lamb, in progress!

The rare Lupo Blue lamb, in progress!

Love Nat xxx

Let’s get physical.. Aerobics Giraffe! Amigurumi Giraffe Crochet in 80s style

Whilst sorting through my yarn, deciding on a new project.. feeling a little lost and lacking inspiration (it happens sometimes) I put these two yarn balls down next to each other.. and Voila! Inspiration!

Orange & Pink, not colours I would normally put together BUT instantly Olivia Newton John and “Let’s get Physcial” popped into my head.. and since I’m an 80s baby I thought, why not do an Aerobics Giraffe!! Leg warmers, sweat band and all.

I used cotton yarn from my favorite yarn shop, Bendigo Woollen Mills in 8ply. Colours – Peach (Orange), Blush (Pink), Wild Lavender (Purple) & Sky (blue, for the eyes).

Aerobics Giraffe, fresh from the gym. Featuring an acrylic felt sweatshirt, over a purple and pink leotard. Perfect for an aerobics class.

A purple sweat band, so her electric blues eyeliner stays in place.

And purple leg warmers finish the ensemble, to match her leotard and sweat band of course.

Don’t forget your sun glasses with this giraffe!! She’s bright and incredibly colourful. Perfect 🙂

 And she’s quite the show off too!! Demonstrating here how she can do the splits!! A very talented giraffe I must say!

Ideas of doing an upcoming aerobics video are now coming to mind.. so stay tuned!! Haha how can I resist?!

I love making these giraffes, and now I have many more ideas for giraffes from different eras, and costumes. I had way too much fun making her, it’s always such a thrill when you see a little idea in your mind created in person. Oh how I love to crochet!! I hope you love Aerobics Giraffe too 🙂 if you have any ideas or suggestions for another themed giraffe or costume, I would love to hear your suggestions.

Love Nat xxx

Ps. Pattern for giraffes are by Kornflake Stew. Find Alison on Instagram @kornflake_stew or the pattern in her etsy store –   https://www.etsy.com/shop/KornflakeStew

Aerobics Giraffe is also ready to purchase in my etsy shop – https://www.etsy.com/listing/233816168/giraffe-stuffed-animal-crochet-giraffe

Amigurumi Crochet – Sleepy Bunny – pattern testing for Kornflake Stew

I was very excited to be asked by lovely and talented Alison from Kornflake Stew (details below) to test her new pattern for a Sleepy Bunny.

I was already a HUGE fan of Alison’s patterns, as I’ve been making her gorgeous giraffes. So I was thrilled when she asked me to test her new pattern for this bunny.

I used 8ply cotton yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills in Snow and Pink Rose. Cotton is my favorite yarn to use, especially with Amigurumi. I’ll write a seperate post about my love of cotton and why I prefer using it soon.

I love how Sleepy Bunny ears have been made using tapestry crochet to create little hearts. A technique that isn’t daunting as it looks, as Alison describes in great detail how to make the hearts if you’ve never done tapestry crochet before. And once you’ve done some tapestry crochet, you will want to do more!! I fell in love with this style of crochet after a couple of months of learning to crochet and am planning on doing some tutorials in the future on how to make blankets.

Sleepy Bunny’s arms and legs are very quick to make too, as they are small rounds, and they aren’t stuffed. But they look so cute with the stripes that look like little leg warmers.

The technique of doing the eyes is very well explained in the pattern with photos to guide you too. These eyes are great for babies and little ones, as they are so much safer that the plastic safety eyes. And they create such a cute little personality for bunny.

And that little crochet cardigan, so cute! Also part of the Alison’s wonderful pattern!

You can find Alison’s patterns on her Etsy store, she has loads to choose from, and I can’t wait to try more.

Etsy – https://www.etsy.com/shop/KornflakeStew

Instagram – @kornflake_stew

I hope you enjoy making a Sleepy Bunny as much as I did! Thank you to beautiful Alison for allowing me to test this pattern for you, you are incredible and I’m a big fan of your work 🙂 xx 

Happy hooking!

Nat xxx

This finished Sleepy Bunny is available via my Etsy shop to purchase – https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleCosyThings