Little Cosy Yarn

Hand dyed yarn 😍 is there anything more luxurious?! My plan for 2019 is to buy one (or two) skeins a month & start a little collection. Kind of like my own little yarn club, for me, from me πŸ˜‰ #littlecosyyarn I may even make a blanket with them all at the end of the … Continue reading Little Cosy Yarn

Paintbox Rainbows

My new favourite rainbow yarn combination is courtesy of my favourite yarn brand Paintbox Yarns from LoveCrochet* Love it! I used this colour combination for my Weeping Rainbows pattern, & have been asked so often for the colours, so I thought I would list them all here for you! Brand: Paintbox YarnsFibre: Cotton, DK WeightWebsite: … Continue reading Paintbox Rainbows

amigurumi crochet toys collection by Little Cosy Things @littlecosythings

amigurumi crojo

Thanks to my #yolocrojo (see last post here) my amigurumi crojo is back πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ yay! i love amigurumi, it is probably my most favourite form of crochet, & the one i am most best at. But my ami-crojo can sometimes fade.Β  I find amigurumi needs a lot more of my brain power, & for a … Continue reading amigurumi crojo

crochet granny heart granny squares in rainbow colours with cotton yarn by Little Cosy Things @littlecosythings

rainbow granny square hearts & crochet all the things!

Starting now.. I am going to crochet ALL the things! No more WIP counting & stopping myself from starting a project because I haven't finished the other 4 in my pile.Β  No more forcing myself to sludge through something I didn't like or just wasn't in the mood to make. For now, I am just … Continue reading rainbow granny square hearts & crochet all the things!

Tyrannosaurus Rex and Diplodocaus dinosuar c2c crochet cushions made by Little Cosy Things

ROAR-some c2c crochet cushions

Jurassic Park, I saw it at the movies, it terrified me, & I LOVED it.Β  After seeing the movie, & like most kids my age, I wanted dino everything!! And ever since, a part of me has been a dino lover! πŸ¦•πŸ¦– Now, I have been thrown back into Prehistoric love, when I saw Kate … Continue reading ROAR-some c2c crochet cushions

stack of colourful cotton yarn

a shelf full of cotton yarn, my favourite

i remember when i first starting crocheting & discovered yarn also came in cotton, not JUST sheep’s wool 🀭🀯 say what?! i had no idea, i just thought yarn was wool, & that’s that. And i didn’t even know it was called yarn. i called it wool 🀫😜 it took me so long to learn … Continue reading a shelf full of cotton yarn, my favourite