Medusa 🐍🌈

Medusa, my favourite gorgon 🐍 the story of Medusa has always resonated with me, for various reasons. Always portrayed as a monster or villian, but her story is sad & her life ended too soon. If you can’t tell, i am a massive fantasy & mythology nerd 🤓❤

When i saw Lianne’s @fantasysprites Medusa Sprite pattern, i knew i had to try making her. I was a little daunted at the beginning, she looks so intricate & beautifully made, & uses wire in her frame, so she is flexible – something i haven’t done before! But Lianne’s design is too gorgeous to not try, so i gave her a go..

Once i got going, i was well & truly hooked. Lianne’s pattern is so well written & i was enchanted by the long snake like body.

The arms are crocheted onto the body as you work too, so there is very minimal sewing on body parts for this one!! 👌

After 2 nights (a few hours each night) i had completed her whole body! See how her arms can change position, & she is able to stand up completely on her own, thanks to the wire frame inside.

Next was her infamous snake hair. And here is where i decided to inject my trademark rainbow colours! Rainbow snake hair! 🐍🌈

Then her toga, she is Greek after all…

Then some sparkly eyes, some contouring & shading.. & a little touch of magic, & she was done. And i LOVE her. Without a doubt, my most favourite make ever, she is now proudly my Instagram profile picture 🐍🌈

As you can see, i struggled to take just one photo of her, & we ended up having a little photoshoot. Above are my favourite photos, i love the way her eyes look straight into you, as if she will actually turn you to stone.

You can find the pattern to make your own Medusa here:

Designed by Lianne @fantasysprites
Medusa Pattern on Etsy here
Medusa Pattern on Ravelry here

Lianne has also designed a Medusa with legs, instead of the snake like body, if that is what you prefer! I will be making her next 😍 & pretty much all of Lianne’s amazing patterns.

And the yarn I used for Medusa:
Main body colour: Bendigo Woollen Mills, Cotton 8 ply in Light Teal
Toga: Bendigo Woollen Mills, Cotton 8 ply in Blue Crush (now discontinued) sub for Sky
Snake hair: Paintbox Cotton DK in the following Colours – Rose Red, Blood Orange, Buttercup Yellow, Grass Green, Marine Blue, Pansy Purple & Bubblegum Pink


I used metallic gold sewing thread for the details on the snakes, including their tongues, & glitter acrylic paints for her eyes & details – all from Spotlight.

Her eyes are 12mm safety eyes.

I hope you will make your own Medusa soon 🐍🌈 & learn a bit more about her story too! I listen to the Myths & Legends podcast while i crochet, you can find it here (episode 80a is Medusa) & all the Parcast Mythology podcast 🤓❤

🌈💖 Nat xx

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