Pumpkin Doll 🎃

i love Halloween! Unfortunately it is not as popular, or celebrated, here in Australia. But doesn’t mean we have to miss out on all the fun!! 🎃

For October, I decided to try to make as many Halloween makes as I could, especially amigurumi! And i just finished the cutest little Pumpkin Doll design, by Sasha @sasha.koffer

Isn’t she adorable! As you can see, she is a Pumpkin Doll, & a witch! Her little witches hat sits on her head, & she carries her Bat Handbag over her shoulder. The handbag even opens, so she can store all her tiny witchy things. And is also detachable.

I learnt a new skill making her too – button joints!

By using buttons on her joints, in this case, her legs, she is able to be posed as sitting or standing! It isn’t hard to do, just takes some patience, & ideally a long tapestry needle (which i didn’t have, & a normal one worked ok). But now she can sit, & stand, easily. Definitely wanting to do this with as many amigurumi as i can from now on.

Thank you Sasha @sasha.koffer for such a fun & cute design! I cannot wait to make more designs by you in the future 😍

If you want to make your own Pumpkin Doll, the pattern can be found HERE.

🌈❤Love Nat xx

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