Dinosaur Rex (aka Brad the Brachiosaurus): Dinosaurs, Mammoths & More Prehistoric Amigurumi

Meet Dinosaur Rex, as Layla has named him 🦕 – but better known as Brad the Braciosaurus! Designed by Maja Hansen @maja_hansen for the book, Dinosaurs, Mammoths & More Prehistoric Amigurumi from Meteoor Books, aka Amigurumi Patterns (@amigurumipatterns)

i made Dinosaur Rex using Paintbox Cotton Yarns, in a new green shade that i love & haven’t used before – Lime Green #429, the perfect Dinosaur Green i think!

Of course, as with everything i make, i have to include a rainbow, something i am beginning to call my Rainbow Touch 😉🌈 kind of like the famous Midas Touch, without the gold.. everything i touch turns to Rainbows! 🌈 Anyways, back to Dinosaur Rex… i made his cute turtleneck jumper in rainbow colours, upside down, starting with red.

I don’t usually like to do my rainbows upside down like this, but it worked best for this pattern, as i wanted to incorporate the new Paintbox Metallic Yarn into the amigurumi, & one of the colourways i have is the perfect shade for this dino – Blue Hawaii #08 – which is a mix of bright green & blue metallic yarn. Therefore, i wanted to use this as the green in the rainbow coloured striped jumper. Make sense? Probably not 😬😆 – but that is why his rainbow is upside down!

But how was the metallic yarn? i loved it! it works up so well with amigurumi!! i am going to incorporate it as much as i can going forward. it adds that very subtle shimmer & shine, great for amigurumi & for that little bit extra. It is not like other metallic yarn i have used, this one isn’t rough or tinsel like, it feels like a very soft cotton.


What i used to make my Dino:

Paintbox Cotton DK:
Pillar Red (415)
Blood Orange (420)
Buttercup Yellow (423)
Blue Hawaii (08) – Paintbox Metallic Yarn
Marine Blue (434)
Pansy Purple (448)
Paper White (401) – Eye
Lime Green (429) – Main Body Colour
12mm Safety Eyes
Toy Stuffing – i buy my stuffing from Spotlight

I will write another blog post soon with a full review of the book – Dinosaurs, Mammoths & More Prehistoric Creatures, closer to its official release date on September 1st, 2019 (you can buy the PDF version now from Amigurumi Patterns here!) And i will be also hosting a giveaway on both my instagram, & @craftastherapy too, so keep an eye out for that! 🎉

In the meantime, watch my IGTV video on Instagram here, for a flick through the book & hear me chat about Dinos, Unicorns & Monsters!

Layla meeting her “Dinosaur Rex” for the first time 💖

Dinosaur Rex was originally intended for Wolf, who did manage to get a few cuddles in, but he has been adopted, as always, by Layla 🤭 & added to her collection of most loved amigurumi in her bed. Soon, there won’t be any more room for that girl in her bed amongst her friends! But the way she loves them, oh it makes this mama heart proud. And now she understands that i make them too – “Mummy made it” – awwww ❤❤❤

🌈💖 Love Nat xx

Disclosure: Please note the links above are affiliate links & at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decide to purchase your supplies online. Please understand that I have experience with these products & I recommend them only because i use them myself, & love them, not because of the small commissions I make if you buy them online.
Thank you for your support! xx

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