Kate Selene Yarn πŸ’–πŸŒˆ

Kate. Selene. Yarn.


Gahhhhhhh! 😍😍😍😍😍 i am such a HUGE fan of Kate Selene @kate_selene & her indie hand dyed yarn, & have been following her on Instagram for years. Even before she started dying yarn. Kate is seriously the queen of mixing colours with her magic dye pots, & to have some of her squish in my collection, well i am just SO EXCITED!

i wish you could SMELL this yarn, yep smell it. Omg it smells soooooo beautiful. The moment i opened my red & white polka dot parcel (Kate’s signature style) i was engulfed with this soft fragrance. According to Kate’s website, it is a secret, so don’t even bother asking what her magic entoxicating smell is, but it is dreamy, & such a lovely touch. Even the yarns now being exposed on the shelves, out of their packets, i can still faintly smell their beautiful scent. Do not worry though, it is by no means offensive (sheep’s wool isn’t exactly pleasant smell naturally) & it is not overwhelming either, it is delicate & fresh.

Kate’s yarn doesn’t only smell good, but more importantly, it feels amazing. It is merino yarn, so it is super soft. i do not use much wool yarn, but this yarn is more than enough to convert me. It has the right amount of fluff, with still enough definition. I think it would work beautifully with any type of crochet, amigurumi included! πŸ‘Œ

I have taken so many photos, so i am just going to upload them all here, because this squish is too gorgeous not to share them all 😍 if you think this yarn is beautiful on your screen, well you are only getting a small fraction, a little teaser, of the mind blowing vibrancy & saturation, of this incredible yarn magic. Honestly.

My 100g Skeins – 4ply Sock

So I want to show you the 2 x 100g 4ply skeins i have first – i added these 2 skeins to my monthly #littlecosyyarn collection for May, you can read more about that here.

Rainbow Sherbet
Lemon 100s & 1000s
Superwash Merino, 4ply Sock, 100g

Next, yes there is MORE πŸ€€πŸ’–, are the mini’s!! These colourways are available in full skeins too, & a variety of bases, including Kate’s new Slub yarn!

My 10g Mini Skeins

Rainbow 100s & 1000s

i love a rainbow (you may have noticed πŸ˜‰) & Kate loves a rainbow too, & she sure knows how to make a rainbow! This collection is MY FAVOURITE EVER. In the history of all the yarn. Yep, i said it.

Rainbow 100s & 1000s – Squish Packs

This beautiful rainbow of speckled goodness, is available in three pack sizes on a sock yarn or DK base. So there is 10g Sock Mini’s, 20g Sock Mini’s, 800g Sock or 800g DK (omg 🀀😍). i have the 10g Mini’s 🌈

These colours are also available separately in 100gram Skeins in Kate’s shop – click here. Just look for 100s & 1000s after each colour name – eg. Raspberry 100s & 1000s

Click here to shop the Rainbow 100s & 100s Squish Packs.

Rainbow 100s & 1000s – 10g Mini on Sock – Squish Pack

Rainbow Club 🌈

Love Rainbows? (Seriously if you don’t, you may be in the wrong place.. just saying 😬). Kate also has a marvellous Rainbow Club!! Click here! So you sign up, & for 7 months, Kate will send you 5 colours that match that months rainbow colour. 7 months, 7 rainbow colours. eg. one month is purple, & you will receive 5 x skeins in the purple shade! Imagine your rainbow collection after 7 months.. 😍🌈 that is… 35 skeins!!!!

And i have a few of these colour packs to show you…

5 Shades of Red:

5 Shades of Orange:

5 Shades of Yellow:

And i still have green, blue, indigo & violet to go!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

If i had to pick a yarn that i could only crochet with for the rest of my life, i would pick Kate Selene Yarn, without hesitation, & i wouldn’t even mind. I actually wish that i could only use Kate Selene Yarn 🀭 it is beautiful. Don’t take my word for it though, order 1 skein (if you can just order one) & have squish (& a sniff) for yourself. Let me know what you think, you can come back here & thank me πŸ˜‰πŸŒˆ

You can find Kate Selene here:

Website & Shop: www.kateselene.co.uk
Instagram: @kate_selene
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com.au/kateseleneyarn

Be sure to go watch Kate’s CPC – Car Park Chat with Kate – on instagram too, you can find all her previous episodes saved in her highlights. You will see the gorgeous & lovely Kate herself, in her car (hence the name πŸ˜‰) chatting & sharing her squish, & any news she has on colours & yarn. As well as her beautiful knitting too! Told you i was a huge fan 😍🀭

πŸ’–πŸŒˆ Love Nat xx

Full disclosure: Kate has very kindly gifted me all the yarn in this blog post!! (i know right, she is a beautiful person). But she did not ask, or pay me to write this post. All opinions are honest & my own. I just LOVE Kate’s yarn, & if she hadn’t kindly gifted me the yarn, i would be buying it.

Thank you so much lovely Kate, i love what you do!!! You are a true artist 🌈 xxxx

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