Lillemor Folding Crates from Wiggles Piggles

i have found a new craft storage vessel to become obsessed with – Lillemor Folding Crates, available from small business (& lovely mama) Wiggles Piggles 😍😍😍

The crates come in 3 sizes – Maxi (huge size, i haven’t got any.. yet), Midi (the large size) & Mini (the small one) & i think both sizes are PERFECT for yarn & crochet. I bought 2 of the Midi sizes, Purple & Yellow. And 1 Mini size in Baby Pink. Wiggles Piggles stocks the crates in a variety of other colours, which i will be adding to my collection 😉

These crates, both sizes, are stackable & foldable. So when not being used, you can fold them flat, & stack them. Or stack them underneath, or in between, crates that are in use. How fun would that look on a shelf? I will take some photos, just had that idea while writing this.

Midi Crates, folded

They are made from 100% recyclable materials, & i think they are really sturdy & well made. I found them easy to clip together, with enough strength, that they won’t just collapse on you suddenly.

Storage ideas

The Midi Crate

First i will start with my storage ideas for the Midi Crates! As mentioned, i have 2 Midi Crates, in Yellow & Purple.

Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 14.5 cm
(To picture the size, it would hold an a4 peice of paper flat in the base)

First off my idea was to use this size crate to store all my finished WIPs, mostly my finished blankets. I was able to store 3 folded cot size baby blankets in each crate! And then stacked the crates on top of each other. You could pile a lot more blankets inside, if you weren’t going to stack another crate on top!

This size would also be great for yarn storage, especially for more big chunky balls of yarn. I was able to get 12 x Paintbox Simply Chunky 100g balls in 1 x Midi Crate. You could get more if you squished them up.

Another storage idea – & this one makes my storage crazy heart excited – is using the Midi Crate as organised “WIP crates”. You store your WIP, & the yarn you are using for that project in each crate. You could also either store the relevant hook OR make a little tag/label for each crate, detailing the pattern you are using, the row you are up to, & the hook size 😍👌 (because if you are like me, are always forgetting these details between projects!!)

Now imagine all these WIP crates, stacked up nicely together on shelves or even just in the corner 😍😍😍😍😍😍 gah i love it!!! If you do this, pretty please tag me or send me a photo via email ( i would LOVE to see 🤭

Yellow Midi Crate “WIP Crate” storing my tunisian entrelac blanket WIP, Paintbox Aran Cotton, & hook

The Mini Crate

i have 1 x Mini Crate (so far 😉) in Baby Pink.

Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 10.5cm

The Mini Crate is PERFECT for granny squares or amigurumi! So perfect, it was as if they were designed for crochet (they were not 🤔).

I immediately stored my #spinyourgrannyblanket granny squares in my Mini Crate, as a WIP crate. And they fit perfectly <insert happy dance here>

The Mini Crate can also be folded flat (like the Midi Crate) but because of its small size, it would be possible to fit the mini crate in a bag or backpack, making it portable for travelling.

Mini Crate, folded

Other ideas i had for the Mini Crate:

  • Yarn storage – great for smaller balls of yarn, ie. 50g or 25/10g balls.
  • Scrap yarn – like the ones i store in my Rainbow Mason Jars
  • Amigurumi body part storage – don’t loose the arms, legs, bits & pieces.
  • Notion box – hook storage, tape measures, scissors, needles & pins.

More than crafty storage…

I also had a couple of other ideas for using the Midi & Mini Crates, courtesy of my adorable twins.. Baby doll beds!! Especially with crochet doll or baby blankets.

Mini Crate, with Miniland doll (21 cm) & my Tunisian entrelac blanket, little Layla decided was for her dolly!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember the post i shared with the above tunisian entrelac blanket WIP that Layla decided she must have with all the “Worm Bits” (ends) sewn in 🙄 well this is how i found the blanket & her dolly! 🤭💖 (if you missed the post you can read it here)

It sparked the idea of then using the Midi & Mini Crates as new baby or baby shower gifts. OR wonderful gifts for toddlers, like mine. Just add a handmade crochet blanket, a dolly/stuffed toy, or a handmade amigurumi, in a Mini or Midi Crate! Tied with a bow 🎀🎁 & gorgeous little present!

The Midi Crate is perfect for twins! Or for bigger dolls & toys!

That is all i have to share, for now, but i am going to play around with some more ideas, & take some photos of my storage ideas. As well as add a few more crates to my collection, & report back.. ahh research, it is lots of fun 😍😉 & if you know what i am like with my Sun Jellies totes, you know i will have a healthy collection of these crates very soon 😉😍

Hope you found this post useful! You can find more of my crafty Storage & Organisation here, & be sure to follow my blog for an email alert when i post something new!

🌈💖 Love Nat xx

Lillemor Lifestyle Crates purchased from Wiggles Piggles

Wiggles Piggles is a small Australian business, ran by a busy new mama – Zoe. I love being able to support a small business, & i am always so impressed with Zoe’s service & her amazing range!

All opinions are my own, & i was not paid to write this post.

Blog contains affliate links to Paintbox Yarns, which won’t cost you anything, but if you place an order with LoveCrafts from clicking on my link, i will earn a small profit.

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