Photography Tips

I take all my photos (besides the one above obviously 🤪) with my Sony a6000 camera, & i love it ❤ i am very beginner though, & i am definitely not using the camera to its full potential, but i hope to tinker around with it a bit more, one day.

My instagram feed is very curated, & my process behind each photo is time consuming, but i enjoy doing it & i hope it shows with my photos. i like to take photos from different angles, especially ones that show off the texture of a stitch, & i like to have lots of colour too 🌈 (always).

My Weeping Rainbows Pattern available here

i also edit all my photos before posting using Adobe @lightroom 👍 again, i am definitely not using all the features, another thing i would love to learn. But i always edit using my laptop, rather than my phone. Because i use a lot of colour, i find my phone to be deceptive of the saturation. i noticed it a lot when i switched from an iPhone to a Samsung, my photos look completely different. So, i use the computer as a base line, if that makes sense.

For editing, i use an app called Preview to organise my feed before i post. It looks like a carbon copy of your instagram feed, & you can rearrange your grid etc. i like to put my photos in there, so i remember what i have taken & what doesn’t clash too much side by side! Yes, i know as i am writing this, it might be my OCD & compulsion to organise, but it helps me!

So here are a couple of my top photography tips i recently shared on instagram:

Natural Sunlight:
– You cannot edit out bad lighting! Always take your photos in natural daylight.
– Turn off all overhead lights & any lamps. Do not use your camera flash.
– Move closer to windows & doors, & make sure you open blinds completely (ie. slat blinds).
– Take note what time of day your room is flooded with natural light, & schedule yourself to take all your photos then. Mine is between 10am & midday usually.

– Experiment with different angles, rather than just positioning your make dead centre of the frame (all the time). I love to take photos from different angles, & capturing the texture & stitches.
– Try tilting your camera up & down, or getting your camera level with your make (as i did in the above photo).
– Move really close, or far away for a different view too.

– Edit your photos to make them more “true to life” & crisp. Not necassirly by whacking on a filter, but by adjusting the exposure (making it lighter or darker), lifting the shadows, or increasing the saturation (bring out the true colour) & so much more.
– There are lots of apps & computer programs that will do that for you! As mentioned earlier, i use Adobe Lightroom on my computer. i would love to learn how to use it more too.

Lastly i think you have to just play around, step outside your comfort zone & have fun. The wonderful thing with photography these days, is you can take as many different photos as you want (unlike the days of film, back when i was younger!), & i take A LOT of photos from slightly different angles.

We all have our own unique style for sharing our makes, just as we do for making them. For me (i think) i am best at capturing lots of colour, & texture in a photo. i use my stash & storage as a backdrop (if you haven’t noticed 😉), but… i SUCK at flatlays, so i stay clear of doing them.

I have come a long way in my photography, as i have with my crochet, & i think this time next year i will look back & have learnt so much more from the photos i have shown here.

🌈💖 Love Nat xx

3 thoughts on “Photography Tips

    • littlecosythings says:

      oh no!! i can only imagine what other problems that has, let alone photography. A few people suggested a lightbox on instagram! Or a ring light, the ones they use for makeup, they might help too xx


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