Unicorns, Dragons & More: Harriet the Pegasus

i love craft books, my favourite are the crochet & amigurumi pattern books by Meteoor Books, aka Amigurumi Patterns @amigurumipatterns 😍

Every year Amigurumi Patterns host an amigurumi competition, & the following year they release a book comprising of some of the entrants from the previous years competition! Their books are then a compilation of patterns from different designers πŸ’–

Unicorns, Dragons & More Fantasy Amigurumi

In 2017 the competition was Fantasy Creatures! i LOVE fantasy, i listen to fantasy fiction audio books while i crochet, so i was especially excited for the book to be released in 2018. You may even remember me being gifted a few copies of the book to giveaway on my instagram & @craftastherapy too,

And now, i have finally just finished my first (adorable) fantasy creature from the book, Harriet the Pegasus, designed by Erinna @littleaquagirl

i made my Harriet using Paintbox Cotton DK yarn, in the following colours:

Body: Champagne White (403)
Hooves: Bubblegum Pink (451)
Mane: Lipstick Pink (452)
Wings: Mustard Yellow (424)
Floral Crown: Lipstick Pink (452), Blood Orange (420), Buttercup Yellow (423), Grass Green (430), Marine Blue (434) & Pansy Purple (448)

I used 12mm safety eyes & scrap black yarn to sew her eyelashes.

My Layla is a HUGE unicorn fan, & even though Harriet is actually a Pegasus, not a unicorn (no horn, with wings) Layla doesn’t know the difference yet. She calls unicorns, “oh-corns” & it is the cutest. Harriet & Layla have become inseparable, & she has joined Layla’s menagerie in her bed every night πŸ¦„

Next, i am wanting to make Bobby the Dinocorn in the book, also by Erinna @littleaquagirl, & hopefully Wolf will be able to have some cuddles with him before Layla kidnaps him πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

πŸŒˆπŸ’–Love Nat xx

Ps. Do you have a pattern you would like me to make in my signature rainbow colours? 🌈 Send me an email to littlecosythings@gmail.com or click here


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