Rainbow Mason Jars: Yarn Scraps & Ends

Yarn Scraps

These are the bits that aren’t quite yarn ends, but aren’t quite enough to start a whole project with 🤷‍♀️ I handroll mine, into tiny yarn balls, & separate them by colour, into these mason jars I keep on my shelf, in rainbow order, of course 🌈 Not only do they look cute & colourful, but when they are all full, I should have enough yarn ends, to make a colourful scrap blanket! Maybe even a couple! 👌

I bought the Mason Jars from Ikea – Korken glass jars, for $2.99 each.  One for each colour of the rainbow (of course) for all my little yarn balls.

I also have another jar for my pink yarn ends (not shown) & a white one as well.

Yarn Ends

2018 Yarn Ends

As for the yarn ends… ugh 😒 yep, most of us moan about those yarn ends! We do not like having to sew them in, because quite frankly, it is sooooooo boooooooring 😴 but, they sure are pretty!!! In this jar above, are all my yarn ends from 2018! I saved every snipping over the year & then squished them into this yarn jar 💪😍 they sit on my shelf, just because they are pretty, & one day I will use them to stuff amigurumi, or cushions, or for my twins to use for arts & crafts! Those dreaded yarn ends, sure are pretty though.

2019 Yarn Ends (so far)

For 2019, I have been using this vase (also from Ikea), to store all my yarn ends so far, then they will be put into a jar like 2018 ends, & put on my shelf.  I can remember every project that those yarn ends were snipped from.

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