Spin your Granny! (squares)

Pattern: Spin Your Granny Square Blanket
Designer: Kylie @stitchedupcraft

i am doing a CAL (Crochet A Long)! Yep, lets ignore the other 85 WIP’s i have at the moment, because this CAL has got me, quite literally, hooked! 😍

It is the Spin Your Granny Square CAL by Kylie @stitchedupcraft

One of the first Spin Your Granny Blankets made by Kylie that caught my eye

Kylie made a blanket years ago now, with this design (above), & i think it may have been how i discovered her on instagram. Now she has written the pattern to share with us, AND organised a relaxed fun CAL for us all to make it together – #spinyourgrannyCAL

Ok, before i go any further, i have a confession… i am not a big fan of making granny squares! (Just making them, i love looking at other people’s granny squares). Gah, yep ok i said it. It has made me feel like the black sheep in someways, as everyone seems to love making a granny, & i have always found them boring & repetitive. I also never learnt to crochet by making granny squares, so i don’t have the sentimental attachment that a lot of other hookers have to the traditional square.

BUT… i love making THESE granny squares! i might be even converted to a granny lover after this blanket. I think it is the variation of the colours, & the fun design by Kylie that has broken the monotony of the humble square for me. And if you are here, you know how much i love to play with colour.

Here are my initial squares that i have made to start the blanket, as you can see i am using pink as my base colour, & rainbow (surprise surprise 😆) as my contrasting colours. There is also a fun video i shared on instagram here of my granny’s having a little spin!

Usually i just jump in & start making, & i did again this time, but i honestly didn’t expect to love making this blanket as much as i do. So it became apparent very quickly that i needed to do a bit more organising for this one, to make sure i make enough squares in the right colours, for the blanket i wanted.

Inspired by Kylie’s latest version of her blanket (see here) i spent a lot of time sitting at the computer on Sunday, while the twins watched their disney movies, i came up with this design for my blanket (you can find the template included with the pattern):

I am using Paintbox Yarns Cotton in DK* & a 4mm hook, & am going to make a large throw for the couch. In hindsight, if i knew i was going to make such a big blanket, i probably would have gone with Aran (all the measurements etc have been worked out by Kylie in her pattern!), but i jumped in quickly, & used the DK i had in my stash. But that is ok, means i will just have more time to play with this fun design!

I will come back & do little updates as i go, but i think this will take me a long time to make, but i don’t mind that. I especially like that i have a project that i can throw in my handbag to grab whenever i get a spare moment, as i am hardly at home these days going between appointments for the twins.

Anyone can join the CAL at any time, there are no strict guidelines or rules, just grab the pattern here & start!

Nat xx

*affliate link

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