Paintbox Rainbows

My new favourite rainbow yarn combination is courtesy of my favourite yarn brand Paintbox Yarns from LoveCrochet* Love it!

I used this colour combination for my Weeping Rainbows pattern, & have been asked so often for the colours, so I thought I would list them all here for you!

Weeping Rainbows blanket pattern, by Little Cosy Things

Brand: Paintbox Yarns
Fibre: Cotton, DK Weight
Website: click here

Red Wine #406
Rose Red #414
Blood Orange #420
Mandarin Orange #418
Mustard Yellow #424
Buttercup Yellow #423
Spearmint Green #426
Grass Green #430
Marine Blue #434
Sky Blue #439
Pale Lilac #446
Pansy Purple #448
Bubblegum Pink #451
Lipstick Pink #452

Weeping Rainbows blanket pattern by Little Cosy Things, made with Paintbox Cotton Yarns

Love Nat xx

*this blog post contains affiliate links.

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