crochet granny heart granny squares in rainbow colours with cotton yarn by Little Cosy Things @littlecosythings

rainbow granny square hearts & crochet all the things!

Heart Granny Squares & crochet all the things! written by Little Cosy Things @littlecosythingsI am going to crochet all the things! No more WIP counting (for now) & stopping myself from starting a project because I haven’t finished the other 4 in my pile.  Forcing myself to sludge through something I just wasn’t in the mood to make.  For now, I am just going to make it.  Yep, this could turn into utter mayhem, with literally hundreds of unfinished projects.. 😝 but it means I will crochet what I want to crochet in that moment, & get to try all those amazing patterns I have been saving & pinning to my Pinterest boards, just for them to collect dust.


How did this WIP carefree attitude come about to someone who has OCD, & a need for everything to be carefully planned & organised?  I think it was because my crojo (crochet mojo) was starting to slowly dwindle. My anxiety increasing seeing that WIP pile, & just not having the motivation, or want, to finish them – at the moment. I didn’t want to crochet anything at all really, nothing was sparking my interest.. & that, for me, is always a warning sign.

That’s what lead me to Mandy @crochetbyredagape blog, & her #casualgrannyCAL patterns, where I found square 1, Mandy’s granny square hearts, & I picked up my hook & started one.  Thought I would just make one, so then I at least had made something.  Then one became two hearts, then three.. & my crojo sprang back to life (thank you Mandy! 😘)

crochet granny heart granny squares in rainbow colours with cotton yarn by Little Cosy Things @littlecosythings
So I have a new rule, until I start getting anxious about it or it becomes a mess, I am going to crochet whatever I feel like crocheting, in that moment.  An old WIP, a new project, a pattern I come across in my morning scroll through insta, that pattern I have saved away for years waiting for the perfect time to start.. now is the perfect time.  Who is joining me? #YOLOCROJO 💪

🌈Nat xx

You can find Mandy on Instagram here, & her blog here.
Here is a direct link to Mandy’s Granny Square Hearts too, so you can get that crojo bursting!

Yarn – I am using cotton DK/8ply yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills for my squares

Rainbow Blanket seen in the photos, is my Confetti Waves Blanket designed by Kate @jellybean_junction made using the same cotton yarn as above


3 thoughts on “rainbow granny square hearts & crochet all the things!

  1. Erin says:

    Hi Nat, that is exactly what I’ve been doing for some time. I am hooked on planned pooling so whenever I see a new variegated yarn I have to try it. If I see a cute pattern I think my granddaughter will like, I’ll give it a try. Or a new stitch that looks intriguing. I knit as well as crochet, so I have both knitted and crocheted wips galore. That means I can always find something to do, depending on how I feel. I might sew something together, weave in ends, work on an old project or start something new. That means there are always finishes around the corner and I’m never lost for something to do ☺️☺️


  2. Fiona says:

    I am so with you. That would make me feel heaps better I think. And it reminds me of how I used to read. I’d read an entire book all the time. I couldn’t put one down even if I hated it. But then someone reminded me of all the books i was missing out on by slogging away at things I didn’t like. So I decided then and there to just read what I was enjoying. Bring on #yolocrojo


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