Tyrannosaurus Rex and Diplodocaus dinosuar c2c crochet cushions made by Little Cosy Things

ROAR-some c2c crochet cushions

ROAR-some c2c crochet cushions by Little Cosy ThingsJurassic Park, I saw it at the movies, it terrified me, & I LOVED it.  After seeing the movie, & like most kids my age, I wanted dino everything!! And ever since, a part of me has been a dino lover! 🦕🦖 Now, I have been thrown back into Prehistoric love, when I saw Kate @jellybean_junction started designing her new ROAR-some dinosaur cushions, I had to make them.


I have been totally geeking out too, reading up about different dinosaurs online & reading the twins books, & showing them pictures – & now they are completely fascinated too (yay!!).

I have only done one other c2c blanket before, & that was using one solid colour.  I have never tried doing c2c with a graphic & colour changes. So no better chance to learn than with another wonderful pattern by Kate, & I had THE perfect yarn in my stash just waiting for to be transformed into dino’s.

Stack of Cotton yarn in green, pink, blue and yellowThe yarn is cotton DK/8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills.  Unfortunately, the colours were limited edition, & have now been discontinued.  Hence why I was waiting for the best pattern to use, knowing I cant get anymore 😢

Of course, I had to start with T-Rex! I mean he’s the most famous (& scariest) of all the dino’s 🦖 & this one will be for Wolf’s bedroom.  He has a rainbow/dino theme at the moment, which I am loving, so T-Rex cushion will be a perfect addition.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (“ti-ran-uh-sawr-uhs reks“), T-Rex for short, lived during the Jurassic period.  T-Rex were 12 meters (40 ft) tall, but their heads made up 1.25 meters of their height alone, with huge with razor sharp teeth & powerful jaws.  T-Rex was also a meat eater (carnivore) & one of the biggest predators that has ever lived.  Eep. Probably a good thing they are exinct now hey…


Size of T-Rex compared to a human & other animals
image from www.dinochecker.com/gallery/tyrannosaurus-size.php

But this T-Rex is not scary at all, i promise.  He’s quite the friendly, cuddly, squishy kind.. 😊👌 Kate’s pattern is perfect for a novice c2c crocheter (thankfully).  She guides you through the colour changes, step by step pattern instructions & a graph to follow to make T-Rex.  After only a slight hesitation, & one tiny frog, I got into the swing of it.. AND, in world record breaking time, I finished the whole front of T-Rex cushion in ONE DAY!! What?! With twin toddlers running around & everything.  Crazy.  So if you are looking for a super quick, fun, project – this is it people!

Next up, i made the Diplodocus (‘dip-lod-ic-uss’).  Diplodocus looks similar to her more famous Sauropod dino relative, the Apatosaurus (formerly named Brontosaurus), with her long neck & tail.

sauropodsSize difference between the Saurpod dinosaurs from https://reasonbound.wordpress.com/2018/01/22/dinosaurs-why-did-sauropods-have-long-necks/

The Diplodocus lived during the late Jurassic Period & are the longest known dinosaur, growing as long as 27 meters (88 feet). They were plant eaters (herbivores) & lived in herds with their families.

My Diplodocus cushion is for Layla, so I decided to have a pink Dippy dino (of course).  Unfortunately, because of said kids, I didn’t get Dippy finished as quickly as T-Rex 😂 but if you are making her, uninterrupted, then she would work up just as quickly as T-Rex.  Kate has both patterns bundled together too! So you can make both dinosaurs, or just one (although I think you should make both 😉)

Now I just need to make the stripey back panel for each cushion, & they will be given to the twins to play & cuddle with.  Who doesn’t want to cuddle a dino?!

Nat xx


ROAR-some cushion pattern, by Kate @jellybean_junction & can be purchased here & keep up to date with pattern releases on her blog

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