stack of colourful cotton yarn

a shelf full of cotton yarn, my favourite

i remember when i first starting crocheting & discovered yarn also came in cotton, not JUST sheep’s wool 🤭🤯 say what?! i had no idea, i just thought yarn was wool, & that’s that. And i didn’t even know it was called yarn. i called it wool 🤫😜 it took me so long to learn about ply & different fibres too. I still don’t know them all. But cotton yarn is my absolute favourite ❤️❤️❤️ what’s yours? Be interested to see if there are more wool lovers than other fibres?

shelf full of colourful cotton yarn
Been staring at this  #littlecosybookcase shelf.. it’s really messy, not like me at all & i actually was going to tidy it all up & cake all the yarn nicely etc.. but then i actually started to love the abstract way it looks together.

So instead i’m going Yarn Storage: the #littlecosybookcase🌈to make a blanket using all of these @bendigowoollenmills cotton colours together 🌈👌much better use of my time than tidying it all up, don’t ya think? 👍

Nat xx


Click here to read more about my  #littlecosybookcase 

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