bookcase showing 2 shelves of colourful yarn, first shelf with tshirt yarn and the second shelf with colourful yarn, both in rainbow order

Yarn Storage: the #littlecosybookcase🌈

yarn storage bookcase filled with shelves of colourful yarn and craft supplies

Since my dreams of a yarn/craft/crochet room probably wont happen until the twins have left home (which I am hoping is at least another 18 or so years away! 😅) I will have to make do with a yarn bookcase, the #littlecosybookcase

bookcase for yarn storage with crochet and craft supplies in rainbow colours

If you have been following me on Instagram for a little while you might have seen my #littlecosytrolley (this Raskog Trolley from Ikea that I have rainbowed) & previous yarn storage; consisting of big plastic tubs from Kmart, jam packed with squished yarn & stacked in the corner of a room.  Which is perfectly fine – until you need, or want, a particular yarn or colour… & then it was a nightmare of hunting through tubs, & lifting & moving said tubs… which is made harder when you have a bad back & trying not to wake sleeping twins 🤨😣

Since we moved, all those tubs & some extra boxes of yarn have been sitting in a corner, my crojo slowly being leached from me at the thought of having to sort through the boxes to find the yarn I needed.  So I had enough.  I started thinking about alternative yarn storage ideas.

My first idea was a beautiful old vintage/antique heavy solid wood kitchen hutch, or display cabinet. I would even make it a personal DIY project, sanding it back, repainting, sourcing new handles etc.. & so, off I searched, everywhere for one.  But, the ones I found were either, dilapidated beyond repair, or ridiculously expensive.  So what’s a girl who needs storage to do? Go to Ikea. Of course!

And that’s where I found these bookcases from Ikea – the Billy Bookcases from Ikea in white. I got the 2 pack of bookcases (they came together as a package) for $140.  Bargain! And because the flat pack boxes are mega heavy (40kg!!!), I bought them online & had them delivered to my house.  Yes, its a (really big) extra expense just for shipping, which did annoy me… but it saved me a lot of hassle & calling in favours, & a grumpy husband.. so delivery it was.

Putting them together wasn’t too complicated, just time consuming.  These bookcases aren’t constructed with the traditional ikea allen key, but with 2 different screwdrivers & a hammer, argh.  And after putting the first one together, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having to do another one.  But for the sake of my yarn.. I persevered 😉

bookcase with colourful yarn storage and vintage jelly bags

Unfortunately my bookcases have a gap in the middle (see above), which is driving me a little crazy,  but as I only discovered once I constructed the bookcases, the floor in the room in uneven 😐 so its either, pack it all up & move to another room (which I don’t have) or move house (which I am not doing again in a hurry).  So its staying here, with the gap.. on the uneven floor.  Maybe I can stuff more yarn in the gap..? 😜

shelf showing yarn storage in red, orange, yellow and green shades
various cotton yarns

As I use yarn, & as my projects change, so will the organisation of the bookcase.  Which is fun!  I mentioned on Instagram about my mental health & my OCD, so this is what I do best really, one of the times when a mental illness can also become something pretty 😊

I could fill another bookcase.. I have kept one tub aside with white & black yarn in it, because that will always be used.  And now I have another 3 tubs with wool yarn (I tend to only use cotton), warm colours, browns & neutrals that I am looking to give away to someone or donate or sell.. if anyone is interested in it, let me know!

For more details on individual storage ideas & tips, visit my Storage & Organisation page here

Just shows what years of hoarding yarn, craft supplies, an inexpensive bookcase, & a love of organising things, can become a rainbow crafty dream 🌈🌈

AND.. I almost forgot to mention, this is in my bedroom, this rainbow Narnia bookcase.  So every morning, me (& my very lucky hubby) get to wake up to this view.  If that doesn’t spark creativity, nothing will ❤

🌈💖 Love Nat xx


Ps. nothing is sponsored or endorsed, just my own collection of things

4 thoughts on “Yarn Storage: the #littlecosybookcase🌈

  1. Carol says:

    I am a new Pinterest and Instagram follower who is a crochet and yarn lover….but seriously lacking in crochet skills! I keep trying and enjoy every minute of it. I adore your colorful yarn-filled bookcases. I’m sure you’ve already done this, but there have been many accidents here in the states with children pulling bookcases over on top of them because the bookcases have not been secured to the wall. I’m a grandmother and worry about such things, so forgive me. Your little girls are preciously adorable. Our oldest grandchildren are twin girls, soon to be 20 years old; so believe me, I know about twins and all the antics, sweetness and cuteness that comes with the pair. Enjoy!

    Warm hugs,


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