Book Review: Cutest Crochet Creations by Alison @kornflake_stew

ORG_DSC00758Alison @kornflake_stew has published her first book – Cutest Crochet Creations, & I was thrilled to be given a copy to review!  Alison’s patterns are the reason why I fell in love with amigurumi toy making in the first place, her patterns are written so well, & her creatures are adorable.

ORG_DSC00901You may recognise Alison’s amigurumi designs, her most famous being her long neck giraffe pattern, & I have honestly lost count of the giraffe’s I have made over the last few years!  Especially the special giraffes I made the twins when they were born ❤ you can see Layla’s much loved giraffe in the photo above. If you are an amigurumi maker or you are wanting to try making amigurumi for the first time, & you haven’t made at least one of Alison’s giraffes, I implore you to stop everything, & go here to find the pattern 😊

Ok, but i’m not here to talk about giraffes.. today I am talking about Alison’s new designs in her book, & two of the cutest little creatures I made named, Sunny & Bill.

Where do you start when a book is chock full of the cutest crochet creations?! You start at the beginning… & the first two patterns in the book are a pair of the cutest birds – Sunny & Bill – which is perfect for me, since I always end up having to make two of everything for the twins anyways.

I managed to finish a whole bird in one evening (which is unheard of since having the twins) but this pattern is so super fast, & so super well written, that you just fly (excuse the pun) through.  That, & once you see your little feather friend starting to come to life, you can’t stop 😉

There are 16 of THE cutest creations to make in the book.  Plus a very detailed introduction to amigurumi, with lots of photos to guide you.  I think a beginner crocheter, or a maker new to amigurumi, would be able to make Alison’s patterns.  These two birds are the perfect starting place too.

I learnt something new from the book too – Magic Ring! Yep, I have been putting that one off for years.. but the pattern calls for it, especially with the wings, & its time I learnt.. & honestly, I am kind of disappointed in myself for not doing it earlier.  It really isn’t as hard or daunting as I thought it would be.  So thank you Alison 😉 I now have a new skill!

Layla, my BIGGEST crochet fan, is so in love with her little bird.  After much urging, she reluctantly shared Bill, the blue bird, with Wolf too… for a quick cuddle anyways.

Layla is wearing a custom t-shirt from @meeandmae; Wolf a “boys wear pink” t-shirt from @fussygus

Now, what to make next… I think I might make the crocodile.. or the bunny with the gorgeous floral crown. What would you make?

You can purchase a copy of Cutest Crochet Creations here (or check out your local bookstore) 😊 & don’t forget to find Alison on Instagram here.

Nat xx

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