hi, my name is Nat & i am a maker.  Not a designer, not a girl boss, not an entrepreneur… i tried, & i suck at it.  And that is ok.  There are people that are really good at it, it comes naturally to them.  i am not one of those people.  i am the one who loves to make their designs, who wants to buy their products.  Who wants to share them with other makers like me. That’s what i love to do.  And that’s what i am going to keep doing.


You see, i love to make, & i think, i’m pretty good at that.  Somewhere along the lines though, i think i forgot that i NEED to make, just for me.  Crafting is my therapy, it is my escape, & i NEED it.  i think i started to feel guilty about the time (& the money), i was spending on my hobby.  So i tried to make it back by selling my finished items. it wasn’t for me, & it started to take away my crojo (crochet mojo).

Isn’t it the dream?  Getting paid to crochet?  Oh how i wish that i could, but i can’t.  Anyone who has tried to sell their crochet, or anything handmade for that matter, will tell you how hard it is.  Crochet is time consuming to make, the weeks & months just to finish a blanket.. how do you convert that into a dollar figure?  How do you get that back?  Enough to make an income?  Its really hard.  I know it’s possible, & i have no doubt that you can if you really try, & you feel really passionate about it, you can. But i didn’t, & i couldn’t.  I take my hat off to all the small businesses who have been able to run a successful business from it!!

In a somewhat similar fashion, i turned my hand to designing. Nope, didn’t like it.  i don’t like frogging, & you have to do A LOT of frogging when you design something.  Ew.  i have a lot of ideas for designs, but i just cannot transform them into crochet, i tried.  I don’t like pattern writing either.. i noticed i tend to make up my own crochet language, or do things with my crochet, that doesn’t translate well to a generic pattern, for people to follow.  The only thing i would be interested in, was some sort of a collaboration, where i had the idea & someone came up with the pattern?  That would be fun? Does that even exist?! But the actual designing myself, nope, no thanks.

Snuffles & Sniffles the Snake

My pattern – Snuffles & Sniffles the Snakes

So why do i feel so guilty?  Why do i keep trying to sell my makes?  Maybe because i run out of things to make? The twins are drowning in amigurumi toys, so i thought i could sell the overflow instead?  Or is it the this pressure i feel, that if i am not selling it, or if i cannot justify a business out of my crochet; then i am wasting my time…? i am wasting our money..? i am taking away from the twins, i am taking away from the household, i am taking away from my husband? i am being lazy.  i should spend my time bringing in an income… these are the thoughts that flood through my head… BUT… then i remember.. crocheting makes me a better MUM, a better WIFE.  It relaxes me, it gives me more patience, it gives me an outlet when i am frustrated, & tired.  So yes, i feed it my time, i feed it money.. but it gives us all something back.  It may not be money, but is pays in happiness.

Happy wife, happy life 🙂

Just to be clear, my hubby is very supportive of my making,  & even my yarn collecting hobby 😉 even though i think he doesn’t completely understand my NEED to buy more yarn when i have lots already haha.. but he doesn’t complain.

i just want to make.  i want to make & share YOUR designs instead, i want to promote your yarn, share your products.  That’s what i love!! i love supporting other makers, designers & businesses.  Whether that will somehow become some sort of business in its own right?  Maybe.  But i doubt it.  But that’s ok.  Today i am going to finally close the LCT shop, i am going to try hard to stop feeling guilty, & i am going to just make, & maybe try writing & sharing more about it on here too 😊

Who is joining me?

Nat xx



Details on pictured makes:

Bertie Blanket:
Pattern by Little Doo Lally
Yarn – Bendigo Woollen Mills, Cotton, DK/8ply weight

Larksfoot Blanket:
Pattern by Little Cosy Things – my youtube tutorial here
Yarn – Paintbox Yarns, from LoveCrochet; Cotton, DK weight

Wool Eater Blanket:
Pattern/Tutorial by Sarah London
Yarn – Spotlight Moda Vera Stallion, Acrylic Yarn, DK weight

Featured Image – Ripple Blanket:
Pattern by Attic24
Yarn – Bendigo Woollen Mills, Cotton, DK/8ply weight

Click here for the details on my #littlecosytrolley

6 thoughts on “maker

  1. juliascreativeyear says:

    Thank you so much for your post. I’ve questioned myself about creativity and whether I’m really being creative by following someone else’s patterns! But… What’s important is that I enjoy it, and you’ve reminded me of that. Anyway… If there weren’t makers like us out there who would buy the patterns that others write?!
    I’m with you… I’m a maker
    Thank you for the encouragement and endorsement of that title 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlecosythings says:

      Hi Julia! Thank you for your lovely comment, so happy you agree with my post 🙂 & i have helped remind you of why we make! Its something that has been bothering me for a little while now, & i feel like a weight has been lifted,

      In regards to not being creative if following a pattern.. think of it in terms of other crafts – an artist or landscape painter will paint a photo of a castle for instance.. they did not build the castle they are painting, but painting the architects design.. we wouldn’t say they are not creative? Same for dressmakers who follow patterns, or a woodworker following a plan for furniture. By following a crochet pattern, we are no less creative, we are just using tools designed by someone else 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Carina says:

    Hey maker 😉 – Germany may be too far away but the “crochet heroes” are looking for amigurumis to attempt world record. Later, those amigurumis will be given to hospitals and needy children. Here’s more: (You should be able to understand it with any online translation program).
    And with regard to making: I am a maker too and very happy about it. No need for bad conscience. Buying shoes or collecting art would be way more expensive 😉 Have you tried spreading your love for yarn and crochet by giving classes? That way you could do what makes you happy while earning money.
    All the best – Carina.

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlecosythings says:

      Hi Carina, oh thank you for the info on “crochet hereoes” i will definitely go have a look to see if i can help 🙂

      Yay! So wonderful to hear you are a confident, happy maker! Yes, absolutely would be way more expensive. Tempted to go buy more yarn now 😉 it is my art collecting.

      I have started doing my own youtube tutorials for some crochet stitches, & i really enjoy it, so definitely something i will keep doing! Teaching classes would be wonderful too, once the twins are a little older, but such a good idea! And a good way for crocheters to earn some money. Thank you for your lovely comment,

      Liked by 1 person

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