Little Floral Heart Embroidery


#100daysofcrochetstitches is a little project i have started on my instagram.  Inspired by #the100dayproject by @ellaluna – her idea being that you do something, anything, for 100 days.  So i decided i will share 100 different crochet stitches!  Not everyday (the twins wouldnt let me!) but ad hoc, hopefully every couple days.  I will also … Continue reading #100daysofcrochetstitches

About: Embroidery with yarn!

i never thought i would love a craft as much as i love crochet… i was wrong.  About 2 weeks ago i decided i would finally try to teach myself some embroidery! It was a new year craft resolution i made, probably my first & only resolution i have actually kept 😆 & seeing so … Continue reading About: Embroidery with yarn!

Basketweave Stitch

Learn to do the Basket Weave crochet stitch with my new tutorial! Perfect for beginner crocheters, you will only need to know how to do a chain stitch (CH), & a double crochet (DC) stitch. Added bonus if you know a front double crochet (FDC) & a back double crochet (BDC), but not necessary. Tutorial … Continue reading Basketweave Stitch

larksfoot stitch

Hello! i am very excited to announce that i now have my own YouTube channel! Yep, i have started (slowly) recording some crochet stitch tutorials, & cannot wait to do so more! My first 2 tutorials are on the larksfoot stitch, both the original version, & my altered version: Original Version: Little Cosy Things … Continue reading larksfoot stitch

Little Floral Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ What better way to spread the crafting love, than by sharing my first ever embroidery pattern, a Little Floral Heart, for free as a special little gift 💝 This is my first pattern, & i am still very new to embroidery, so please be gentle 🤗 i really hope it is … Continue reading Little Floral Heart

rainbow ripple crochet blanket by Little Cosy Things @littlecosythings


hi, my name is Nat & i am a maker.  Not a designer, not a girl boss, not an entrepreneur… i tried, & i suck at it.  And that is ok.  There are people that are really good at it, it comes naturally to them.  i am not one of those people.  i am the … Continue reading maker


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