Snuffles & Sniffles the Snake PATTERN!

Snuffles & Sniffles the Snake

I would like you to meet Snuffles the Snake, & his twin sister, Sniffles! The newest members of the LCT family, & my own PATTERN!! Yay! Yep, i wrote a pattern!  So you can make your own Snuffles or Sniffles (or both) see below for links to purchase yours.

Of course, i had to make both Snuffles & Sniffles in rainbow colours 🌈 using Paintbox Yarns Cotton from LoveCrochet.  Its so lovely to work with, & both snakes only use scraps to make, so you will have plenty left over.  Below is how much i had leftover from each 50g ball AFTER making both snakes!!


Aren’t the colours just divine?! It was actually my first time working with the cotton yarn from Paintbox, & as with all their yarns, i fell  in love very quickly.  It is beautiful yarn to work with, no knots or splits, & i found the centre pull fairly easily (love that).

The snakes are made using long stitches to create their scale striping effect, its very simple.  I think a beginner wouldn’t have to many problems making this pattern (i am always available to help).

As soon as they were done, these two cuddly snakes were handed over to my two cute product testers bubbas, my twins – Layla & Wolf, who ADORE their new snake “babies”.  Wolf gave Snuffles a cuddle & a good head bashing into the floorboards, & Layla decided to give Sniffles a bit of a lick (kiss).  No snakes were harmed (or babies 😂).

The pattern for Snuffles & Sniffles the Snake can be purchased here:

Etsy here

Ravelry here

LCT Shop here

LoveCrochet (COMING SOON)

I hope you love making your own Snuffles & Sniffles the Snake!! 🐍 i might have to start designing some more patterns!

Love Nat xx

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