Uh-Oh.. Crojo? Tips for getting your crochet mojo back!!

Dun dun dunnnnnn.. uh oh… have you lost your crojo? 😒

CROJO (CROchet + moJO) is a term crocheters use for the magical little power that keeps your hands and hooks twitching with creativity.

Sometimes we loose it, we don’t know where it goes.. but here are some tips I’ve used to get that crojo flowing again:

– Go for a nice wonder through a craft or yarn shop.. grab a cup of coffee, take the afternoon off and just take your time looking at all the different goodies you can play with and take inspiration from them. I even look at stuff from different craft departments.. inspiration can come from anywhere!!

– Buy some new supplies! You don’t need an excuse or a project in mind, treat yourself to some new yarn! Even some buttons or fabric. Something that caught your eye, it looks pretty or you have always wanted to try it. Sometimes inspiration is born from the material itself. I always feel refreshed when I feel I have more yarn, and deflated when I’ve only got bits and bobs left.. well that’s my excuse to buy more yarn anyways πŸ˜‰

– Pinterest!!! do you have Pinterest? I have Pinterest πŸ˜‰ Come find me here. There is also link on my blog to go to my page, as well as a link to share my posts to your Pinterest too. It’s HOURS of fun and inspiration. Patterns, tutorials, DIY projects.. I’ve designed my house, found more crochet projects then I’ll EVER make in a lifetime, as well as found 691 other crafts I want to try too.

– Look at some different and new patterns there’s lots of databases to search through, I looove EtsyΒ it’sΒ like a virtual craft shop. There’s Ravelry for knitters and crocheters too. Is there another database site you recommend?

– Go back to your comfort zone.. most crocheters have a project that is there “go to” comfort zone pattern.. for me it’s granny stripes. Sometimes it can help get your creativity flowing again when you go back to something you know you can do and you don’t have to think about

– Clean out your craft room/crochet corner/craft cupboard or yarn stash.. having a refreshed space might make you want to get back in there and mess it all up again! And you might find yarn you forgot you had to! Don’t save it for a “special” project, use it! Every project is special πŸ™‚

– Dug out the long forgotten and neglected WIP (work in progress projects) and finish them off. It will feel so good to get them done, and might spark your mojo to start something else.

Do you have any ideas/advice to get that crojo back that you can share?
Happy hooking!!
Love Nat xxx

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