A little “woof” in sheep’s clothing.. Sweep’s crochet dog jumper

If you follow me on Instagram (@littlecosythings) you would have met my little fur baby, Sweep! He is such a beautiful little boy, so gentle and affectionate. And has the most wonderful temperament. I love him so much.

Sweep is 2 years old and his breed is called Havanese (a pure breed, originally from Cuba.) He is only little, very fluffy, and his fur doesn’t shed. Meaning he needs regular haircuts and lots of grooming to keep his fur looking nice and not getting matted and tangled.

So yesterday Sweep went off to have a fur cut at the groomers, and since it’s winter I thought he might need a little jumper for when we go for a walk.

I couldn’t find a pattern online that I liked. Since Sweep is a boy, I’ve noticed that some coats cover his “boy bits” and get wet when it’s bathroom time.. so I wanted something that just covered his back, and not his bits 😉

And so here is what I came up with! It’s a bit rough, as I made it up as I went. So please ignore the little imperfections! 

It’s basically a little blanket, with a strap to go under his tummy, and another strap to go around his chest.

I started by measuring Sweep from his neck to the base of his tail.. this would be the measurements for how many rows I would need for the blanket.
Then I measured around his tummy, just under his front legs.. 50cm, and I halved the measurement to get the width of the blanket, 25cm (how many starting chains).

Once I had those measurements, I chained long enough for 25cm. 
Then i did intervals of – 2 rows of DC, and 2 rows of SC. And did this over and over until I reached the right length to fit Sweep from his neck to his tail. I tried it on him several times to make sure it fit. He just stood there wondering what I was doing haha

Once you have your little blanket made, you can do a simple SC border the whole way around to make it look nice and neat, with 3 SC into each corner.
Next you want to do 2 x straps, so the blanket stays on the body. One for around the tummy, under the front legs. And one for across the chest/neck. You don’t want it to be too tight, but not too loose that the jumper slides around.

To do this, I put the blanket on Sweep and placed a stitch marker where the two straps should be on the blanket.
Then I put my hook into the SC border for the beginning of the first strap, and made rows of DC till the strap was snug around his tummy. Again, not too tight! You can measure the blanket + the strap and it should equal your original tummy measurements (50cm for Sweep).

Then I did the same for the chest/neck strap. Once both straps were done, I sewed them to the other side of the blanket so they were attached.

I put the jumper on Sweep by pulling it down over his head, and putting his little legs through the tummy straps. Sweep doesn’t mind, he just sits there while I do it. But bigger dogs or squirmy dogs might not like it! So you can put buttons on one side of the strap, rather than sewing it on.

I hope this makes sense!!! It’s a little tricky to explain, but basically it’s just a little jumper that fits from his neck to his tail, with straps around his neck and tummy to keep it on 🙂

Let me know if you are lost and need some help! I hope your fur babies are nice and snuggly this winter!

Love Nat & Sweep xxx







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