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Work in progress.. the Basket Weave crochet stitch

I wanted to try something different and do some mindless crochet. My first love has always been crocheting blankets. I haven’t done one in a while, so I searched around for a new stitch, and feel in love with the Basket Weave Stitch!

It’s quite an easy stitch to learn, and once you have the hang of it, it works up quick and you don’t need to pay much attention to what you are doing. Perfect for something to do when you just want to unwind.

The stitch also makes your yarn extra thick, soft and squishy. With no gaps in between it makes a very warm blanket. Would even work as a rug or mat.

I have used 10 ply wool yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills in the Luxury range, and I started with just plain cream. I have been using a 5mm hook. You could go down a hook size to create a tighter weave too, especially for a rug.

I then began adding some splashes of colour, I love colour and thought the plain cream would get boring after a while. Although a plain cream baby blanket with a colour border would be gorgeous!! 

The next colours I have added are Aquarium (green/aqua) and Lavender (purple). i wasn’t sure about doing a colour change with this stitch, as it’s normally worked in just one colour, but I’m loving the different pattern it creates.

I then did a few more rows of Cream, then added a row of Sunflower (yellow). And am now continuing with Cream again.

I’ve now run of yarn for the blanket!! 😦 but now I got an excuse to place another order 😉 

I don’t have a plan for this blanket, and am just changing colour when I feel it needs it. I’ll do an update once I’ve done some more!

One complete row of basket weave is actually 3 rows of stitches. Then you alternate to create the weave look.

To do basket weave, you need to crochet into the Front Posts and Back Posts not the stitches. It actually makes it a lot quicker to work up this way as you’re not fiddling around looking for the stitches.

I started by chaining in multiples of 8, plus 3 for turning. Basket weave is done using all DC stitches (US terms).

You work dc stitches into the front posts for 4 stitches, then the back posts for 4 stitches, then back in the front posts etc, this creates the weaved look. You will follow this pattern for 3 rows, then you alternate by starting with back posts, then front posts for 3 more rows, and you continue alternating every 3 rows over and over again. 


working in front posts
working in back posts
There is a fantastic video tutorial on how to do the Basket Weave Stitch available here by The Crochet Crowd.

Love Nat xx


6 thoughts on “Work in progress.. the Basket Weave crochet stitch

    1. Thank you so much!! It’s a wonderful stitch, I hope you get to make it soon. I know how long those crochet to do lists can get 🙂

      It’s still a work in progress, I’ve added another row of baby pink, and some more rows of cream. Then I think I’m going to repeat the colour pattern again. I’ve put an updated photo on my Instagram account (@littlecosythings) and I’ll do an update on here when I’ve made more progress.

      Nat xx


      1. I’m so sorry for my late reply lovely!! I just added a Pinterest button, took me a little bit to figure it out haha so at the end of each post there is a button that says share it: with a Pinterest icon 🙂 you can add it to your boards. And you will also see a link to my Pinterest on the top right hand corner!! Xxx

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