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Let’s get physical.. Aerobics Giraffe! Amigurumi Giraffe Crochet in 80s style

Whilst sorting through my yarn, deciding on a new project.. feeling a little lost and lacking inspiration (it happens sometimes) I put these two yarn balls down next to each other.. and Voila! Inspiration!

Orange & Pink, not colours I would normally put together BUT instantly Olivia Newton John and “Let’s get Physcial” popped into my head.. and since I’m an 80s baby I thought, why not do an Aerobics Giraffe!! Leg warmers, sweat band and all.

I used cotton yarn from my favorite yarn shop, Bendigo Woollen Mills in 8ply. Colours – Peach (Orange), Blush (Pink), Wild Lavender (Purple) & Sky (blue, for the eyes).

Aerobics Giraffe, fresh from the gym. Featuring an acrylic felt sweatshirt, over a purple and pink leotard. Perfect for an aerobics class.

A purple sweat band, so her electric blues eyeliner stays in place.

And purple leg warmers finish the ensemble, to match her leotard and sweat band of course.

Don’t forget your sun glasses with this giraffe!! She’s bright and incredibly colourful. Perfect 🙂

 And she’s quite the show off too!! Demonstrating here how she can do the splits!! A very talented giraffe I must say!

Ideas of doing an upcoming aerobics video are now coming to mind.. so stay tuned!! Haha how can I resist?!

I love making these giraffes, and now I have many more ideas for giraffes from different eras, and costumes. I had way too much fun making her, it’s always such a thrill when you see a little idea in your mind created in person. Oh how I love to crochet!! I hope you love Aerobics Giraffe too 🙂 if you have any ideas or suggestions for another themed giraffe or costume, I would love to hear your suggestions.

Love Nat xxx

Ps. Pattern for giraffes are by Kornflake Stew. Find Alison on Instagram @kornflake_stew or the pattern in her etsy store –

Aerobics Giraffe is also ready to purchase in my etsy shop –


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